Tuta alareMarco Milanese is a keen alpinist and a professional mountain guide. He opened rock and ice climbing routes and skied down new couloirs. He started taking his feet off the ground practising slackline and then highline, opening new lines in “his” mountains in the northeast of Italy, until the highest peaks of Mont Blanc, even walking a webbing stretched between two hot air balloons in Spain.
Since 2014 he has gone even higher, wearing a wingsuit and drawing invisible lines over rocks and woods, flying high in the air. Thanks to BASE jump he can express his endless search for freedom and connection with nature. He is part of the PhoenixFly International Team, which never stops to look for new jumps to open up.
He also enjoys paragliding, speed-riding and skydiving. During his trips, he also tries to surf the waves, if he ends up reaching the sea. It doesn’t matter where he is or what he’s doing: the main thing for him is experiencing nature all-around and having deep contact with himself. He loves his lifestyle, so he decided to share his story in the book “Volare le montagne”.




The “via ferrata” is a mountain route with many difficulty levels, in which a wire rope becomes the Ariadne’s thread to follow to go on. This cable is an excellent safety point, both to hook the carabiners and to grab onto with hands. The mountain guide knows how to choose the best route for your needs and can teach you how to follow these routes on your own.


Climbing is a complete activity that allows you to experience nature, see new places and meet new people. It is good for the body because it involves every single part of it, but it’s also good for the mind because it improves focusing and self-control. This sport is practised in pairs, but the performance is still individual; that keeps you motivated to deal with yourself.


That’s the classic style that never fades. To avoid the crowded ski slopes, a lot of people go in search of beaten tracks, surrounded by silence. This is for sure the best way to fully understand the special atmosphere of peaks in winter, and it’s also a good way to have fun! Who could ask for more?Alpine skiing is not only an amazing way to descend the slopes but it takes the form of a complete winter experience in the mountains. Saddles, valleys and peaks can be your destinations until spring comes, ranging from the Julian Alps to the Dolomites, up to the Western Alps.  


Freeriding is like diving and floating in a layer of white dust; it’s an experience that can fill your skiing activity with new emotions and excitement. Once called off-piste, now is known as freeride all over the world. However, there are lots of differences between them, in terms of safety and equipment. In fact, there are many devices that can improve the security of skiing, without prejudice to the awareness that expertise and knowledge of the terrain in which you are moving, are the leading protection. ARVA, shovel and probe will be faithful allies of the “rider”, together with the chance of having other devices, like airbag or avalung. The innovation has also made some improvements in the quality of skis, turning them wider and shaped to make floating softer, easier and faster. What more could you ask for? Safety and innovation are ready to be tested!  


Climbing gets a special taste if made in winter. Maybe because of the environment’s transformations, maybe for the challenges encountered, the summits in winter have a magical atmosphere. The use of crampons and ice axes becomes necessary, and practice can be refined with practice. So don’t think you’re not good enough to prove yourself. The snow-capped summit of the ridges will guide us to lines in the air that will leave you breathless.


Heliskiing is another amazing activity you can experience in wintertime: using the helicopter as a means of transport, you can reach isolated peaks or even the 4,000 meters high peaks on the west of the Alps. The pleasure of descending with fresh legs in untouched snow is combined with the beauty of a scenic helicopter flight: a delightful way to spend a sunny winter day!


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